Schools & Colleges

We welcome visits from schools and colleges. We can arrange a variety of activities, depending on your requirements. Our displays cover both the technical and social changes that computers have made to society, as well as the history of computers and related areas.

Many of our items can be handled, but we do ask that all visitors treat them with care. We aim to have a variety of machines running to give visitors a real sense of how they differ from modern computers.

Opening Times

We open for group visits by arrangement, from Monday to Friday, subject to volunteer availability. The museum is not open to the general public at these times, so your group will have exclusive access for your visit.


The gallery area is on the ground floor, and accessible by wheelchair. Our classroom is downstairs, but if necessary we could transfer those activities to the ground floor.

Accompanying adults and supervision

We do require a minimum of two adults with each group; as our premises are on two levels this ensures that all pupils will have a school adult with them.

The recommended supervision ratio set by Swindon Council is 1 to 5 at KS1, 1 to 8 at KS2 and 1 to 15 at KS3 and above. Teachers and accompanying adults are responsible for the behaviour and general health and safety of their pupils at the museum.

Teachers and accompanying adults should remain with their pupils at all times for their health and safety and to accompany them in case of evacuation.


Please contact us via the following email address for a quote to host your group, letting us know the numbers involved, and the date and time you would like to visit.

Preliminary Visits

We’ll be happy to let staff visit to see what we have to offer, and to plan for a school or college visit. Contact us to arrange a suitable time.


Our toilet is in the downstairs classroom area, but there are disabled toilets in the Central Library just a minute away.