“We stumbled upon this place today, and couldn’t resist popping in to take a look. Wow! Such an amazing collection, and so many machines on for you to play with.”
– Stuart Millar

“The staff and volunteers are very knowledgeable and wonderful. If you are in the area I would highly recommend giving the place visit. Good range of computers and games consoles.”
– Ajmal Kazmi

“Great little computer museum with friendly and chatty staff. Many of the computers and consoles are hands on. So you could program a BBC or a ZX81 then go play on a original Xbox or Atari.”
– Peter Nancarrow

“Great Museum – super interesting even for those who aren’t super techy. Great tour around – thanks very much.”
– Millie K

“An undiscovered gem that is very reasonably priced. Having visited and knowing how good it is, we would have paid triple the entry price and still have got our moneys worth vs most attractions. Me and my son spent hours in their having a great time.”
– Passenger39150980485

“Lovely little geeky afternoon out. Well worth a visit if you love retro gaming. Everything is very much hands-on and there’s a collection of pretty much every console you could want to play, plus an Amiga 1200 and Atari ST.”
– HiggyBristol