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playchoiceAll of the objects on display in the Museum have been kindly donated or loaned to us by generous individuals and businesses.

We are grateful for all the objects we receive, however in accordance with our Collections Policy and our Accreditation with Arts Council England, there are limits to the items we may acquire.

If you would like to donate an object, please read the information below and see our list of items wanted.

How will items be used?

The Museum reserves the right to use donated items in accordance with its policies agreed by the Management Committee and Arts Council England. This may include:

  • Display in the Museum
  • Gift to or exchange with another museum
  • Long-term storage for preservation
  • Loan to other museums for exhibitions
  • Sale of non-accessioned items, when proceeds will be used to further the aims of the Museum
  • Disposal according to current environmental regulations

Collections Development Policy

The museum will exercise due diligence and make every effort not to acquire, whether by purchase, gift, bequest or exchange, any object or specimen unless the governing body or responsible officer is satisfied that the museum can acquire a valid title to the item in question.

The museum will not acquire any object or specimen unless it is satisfied that the object or specimen has not been acquired in, or exported from, its country of origin (or any intermediate country in which it may have been legally owned) in violation of that country’s laws. (For the purposes of this paragraph "country of origin" includes the United Kingdom).

Themes and priorities for future collecting

The governing body accepts that it is unacceptable to acquire artefacts of unknown provenance. Items will include but not be restricted to abacuses, slide rules, manuals, software, oral histories, photographs, computers and peripherals, and storage media.

Archival holdings 

As the museum holds archives, including photographs and printed ephemera, its governing body will be guided by the Code of Practice on Archives for Museums and Galleries in the United Kingdom (third edition, 2002).


The museum will only accept loans for specific exhibitions. Loans will usually be for a maximum of six months, although a longer term may be arranged if necessary. Loans will never exceed a period of twelve months.

Find out more

For a full copy of the current Collections Development Policy, or to find out if we can accept an item, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post to Collections Manager, Museum of Computing, 6-7 Theatre Square, Swindon, SN1 1QN.


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